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21079 Hamburg


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It is rare that the opportunity arises to display current events of an excavation and one’s own histoy innovatively and shortly after and directly at the site of their occurrence: With the “Archäologisches Fenster Harburg” (“Archaeological Window Harburg”) in the Harburg Schloßstraße the Archaeological Museum opens a history book that had been sealed for centuries. Here the museum lately started showing a digital exhibition aiming to display the regional history of Harburg.  It brings Harburg’s past to life both virtually and by presenting original finds. It is a brand new concept, one of the first of its kind.

The location for the new outpost of the museum couldn’t be more fitting: There is hardly another place in Hamburg where archaeological layers go as deep as in the inner city of Harburg’s historic district. Here Harburg’s nucleus was situated in medieval times; here pulsated the heart of the city, which was always considered Hamburg’s smaller sister. The excavation from 2012 to 2014 saw the discovery and evaluation of more than 36,000 findings over an area of about 12,000 square meters.

The most significant findings may be observed right on the spot at the “Archäologisches Fenster Harburg”. Each window utilizes its own technology to grant a “view into the past using media of the future”. The first window helps the visitor to get his or her bearing: with the use of videos, photos and graphics being projected directly on the floor, meaning the unearthed ground, passers-by are able to experience the eventful excavation. The second window encourage spectators to personally become active: Information about the most spectacular findings are presented and rotated on a monitor by touching the window. To underscore this some of the most spectacular original objects are on display. The third and final window offers a free and local WLAN. With it visitors may view videos and a slideshow portraying records of the excavation and can share and comment on them via social media. A news ticker informs about historic happenings well as guided tours and events at the museum.

The archaeological window has been made possible with the support of the Museums- und Heimatverein Harburg Stadt und Land e.V.