Hamburg’s early days lie hidden beneath its streets, houses and squares: The Domplatz (“Cathedral Square”) in the heart of Hamburg is a place with a very special history. Since time immemorial, it has been assumed that this was the site of the legendary “Hammaburg”, the nucleus and namesake of the city of Hamburg. Only a few meters away from the cathedral square is the “Bischofsturm” (“Bishop’s Tower”), the oldest preserved stone building in Hamburg’s old town. The area around the Hopfenmarkt also contains an ensemble of archaeological monuments that is unique to Hamburg. This is where Hamburg’s development from a castle to a city began almost 1,000 years ago. The ring fortifications of the “Neue Burg” (“New Castle”) have been the focus of several archaeological excavation campaigns in recent years. On the tour, participants will learn about the findings of archaeological research.


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