Archaeological Museum Hamburg presents new lecture in the series “Window into History”

In search of the rituals
Excavations in southern Tajikistan

Lecturer: Dr. Gunvor Lindström, German Archaeological Institute, Eurasia Department, Berlin

The Archaeological Museum Hamburg presents the last lecture under the exhibition “Margiana – A Kingdom of the Bronze Age in Turkmenistan” on Thursday, 14th February at 18:00. The exhibition can only be seen in the museum until 17th February. The lecturer, Dr. Gunvor Lindström, takes the audience this time on a search for traces in a neighbouring country of Turkmenistan: “In search of the rituals. Excavations in southern Tajikistan “is the title of her lecture. After the campaigns of Alexander the Great (334-323 BC) Central Asia or the ancient country of Bactria belonged to the Hellenistic, Greek-influenced world. Under Alexander and his successors numerous mercenaries and other migrants from the west were settled here. The immigrants – especially young men – soon got married to indigenous families, and a multicultural society emerged. While this part of the story is well known, so far we know little about how Greek colonization affected Bactria. Did the Greeks bring their own gods and continue practicing rituals according to Greek patterns in their new homeland? Did they try to convert the Bactrians? Or have the Greeks adapted and begun to worship Bactrian gods? To what extent did the different religious traditions mingle? The ancient texts give no answers to these questions, and it is mainly archaeological excavations in sanctuaries that provide an insight into the practices of rituals, cults and indirectly also in the beliefs.

The lecturer discovered one of these sanctuaries and excavated it in 2013-2018. In her lecture, she presents the most important results of her excavations and shows how she tries to extract from the archaeological finds and findings, which rituals were performed in the sanctuary and to what extent these rituals were influenced by Greek and by local Bactrian traditions.


Permanent Exhibition

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