Speaker: Dr. Mike Teufer, German Archaeological Institute, Eurasia Department, Berlin

The Archaeological Museum Hamburg presents a new lecture in the series “Storefront of History” on Thursday, 31st January 2019 at 18.00. The exhibition “Margiana – A Kingdom of the Bronze Age in Turkmenistan” can be seen in the museum until 17th February. This month’s lecture introduces a neighboring country of Turkmenistan: Tajikistan. A land where exciting archaeological excavations took place. The speaker, Dr. Mike Teufer, was involved in these excavations and will report on his latest research.

From an archaeological point of view, southern Tajikistan has long been regarded as literally “Stone Age” in comparison to the highly advanced civilizations of its neighboring countries of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. According to the few archaeological finds Tajikistan’s transition to the Bronze Age took place just in 1,700 BC. During his research in recent years the speaker Dr. Mike Teufer has fundamentally changed the traditional image of the beginning and the end of the Bronze Age in this region. Findings from various cemeteries make clear that even in southern Tajikistan the beginning of the Bronze Age dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. Also, both a Middle and an Early Bronze Age existed here. The excavations in the Late Bronze Age settlement of Saridžar (about 1,700-1,400 BC) and in the early Iron Age settlements of Karim Berdy and Kuduk (1,500-1,000 BC) show a continuous transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, that took place around 1,500 BC. In addition, there are clear links to the Margiana culture, which is the focus of the exhibition.

The lecture series continues: On 14th February 2019, Dr. Gunvor Lindström, German Archaeological Institute, Eurasia Department, Berlin, will also give a lecture concerning the museum’s current exhibition. Her topic is: “In search of the rituals. Excavations in southern Tajikistan “.


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