In the picturesque Fischbeker Heide in Hamburg-Neugraben lies the greatest accumulation of archaeological sites in the Hamburg area. More than 170 places, among them numerous burials, are proof of an over 3,000-year-long settlement ranging from the Paleolithic to pre-christian Iron Age. The most spectacular burial sites were connected by the Archaeological Museum Hamburg to become parts of the Archaeological Hiking Trail (“Archäologischer Wanderpfad”) with a length of about four kilometres or two and a half miles. The travelers on the path gain a comprehensive view into North Germany’s prehistoric burial customs.


Archaeology Hiking Trail Farmsen

Bramfelder Weg 35
22159 Hamburg


Location: Nature Conservation Information Center „Schafstall“, Fischbeker Heideweg 43, 21149 Hamburg
Getting there: S-Bahn to „Neugraben“ + bus line 250 to „Fischbeker Heideweg“ + 5-10 minutes walking
Fee: 4 euros per person
Registration: +49 40 42871-2497