Margiana – around 5,000 years ago, this historic landscape in eastern Turkmenistan was the cradle of a fascinating and sophisticated Bronze Age culture. For the first time a major exhibition and cooperation project is dedicated to the archaeological remains of this mysterious culture. From 2nd November 2018 to 17th February 2019, the exhibition will focus on the sensational results of the archaeological excavations and research carried out in Gonur Depe by the Archaeological Museum Hamburg and with the participation of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut). Photographic artist Herlinde Koelbl was recruited to photograph the archaeological sites, landscapes, people and exhibits. The result is a fascinating symbiosis of unknown archaeological relics and their photographic art.

Guided Tour “A Kingdom of the Bronze Age”

Highlights of the fascinating symbiosis of 5,000-year-old testimonies of a largely unknown high culture from Turkmenistan and pictures taken by the photographer Herlinde Koelbl on site will be presented in the guided tour.

13.01.2019, 13-14 Uhr, in English!
13.01.2019, 15-16 Uhr, in English!


Special Exhibition

Museumsplatz 2
21073 Hamburg


Cost: 3 Euros plus entrance fee
Without registration
In German