AMH Guide

Dig for virtual archaeological treasures and get lots of extra information. Every visitor can download a multimedia-based museum guide to the Archäologischen Museum Hamburg / Stadtmuseum Harburg Helms-Museum to their smartphone. The app for iOS (Link) and Android (Link) is available for free.

The app provides general basic information (opening hours and entry fees) and a wide range of extra information. It offers a new approach to the archaeology of Northern Germany.

An illustrated “Audio Guided Tour” shows the visitors around the Archäologischen Museum Hamburg / Stadtmuseum Harburg Helms-Museum, and invites them to an archaeology discovery tour. In front of each of the 159 showcases in the exhibition, the users of the app can listen to more detailed information.

The digital journey through the museum is interwoven with a narrated story along with animated illustrations. Interesting facts and stories are offered to the users. Two comic characters, “Skrabbu” and “U.B.I.”, were designed for the guide and will explain the prehistory and the early history of Northern Germany to visitors. Of particular interest to the younger guests of the museum is an excavation game where they can grab virtual spades, picks and brushes and search for archaeological finds themselves. The game is an entertaining way to learn about the archaeology of Northern Germany.

The app is free and can be downloaded on current Apple iOS devices (from iOS 4.3) and on android devices. For visitors without an appropriate smartphone, the museum offers rental devices (iPod Touch). In the foyer of the museum there is also free Wi-Fi.


Media Guide Special Exhibition

What the AMH Guide does for the permanent exhibition, the Media Guide provides for the numerous special exhibitions. Starting with the Ice Ages exhibition the app accompanies visitors and informs them with German and English texts, photographs and additional videos. The media guide is a local app, downloadable via free WLAN. This means it is able to process and display even large quantities of data effortlessly.
The media guide will be available for all future exhibitions and will continue to offer visitors a choice in languages and interesting background information.



From October 2014 to April 2015 the Archaeological Museum Hamburg showed the successful exhibition “Mythos Hammaburg – Archaeological Discoveries”. Whoever missed the popular show now has the opportunity of a virtual visit. The three exhibition parts can be visited from the comfortable position of one’s own couch: “Hammaburg and the Beginnings of Hamburg”, “Hammaburg and Ansgar” und “The Archaeological Discoveries of Hammaburg” are visible on the online page of the “Google Cultural institute”. The three exhibition parts are also offered as a bilingual Android-Smartphone app.



The app “Fundpunkte” compliments the AMH-Guide, showing the user a multitude of sites and objects in the whole of Hamburg, which have a connection to the museum’s work. Objects are categorized into various groups such as: archaeology, gardens, street art or the Hamburg art path. Fundpunkte reveals many special places offside from the common touristic highlights.


Harburg Inland Harbour

Harburgs port has for centuries been an initiator and motor for regional progress. It is currently facing a new pivotal change in structure, which will again see its face fundamentally changed. This means it is high time to shift the focus of Harburg’s historical science to include this area and to give it a prominent place in it.
The app at hand transforms the development of the Harburg inland harbour from its inception to its current state into a compact time travel experience. Visitors are offered two tours, by which they are able to discover the historical port by foot and to take in exciting historical perspectives. The app can be downloaded from the app store free of charge using the password “Binnenhafen”.