Exhibition of the Stadtmuseum Harburg

6th September to 31st December 2018


From 6th September the Stadtmuseum Harburg will present the new special exhibition “Zeitwende”, which is dedicated to an important building in Harburg, the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium with its affiliated Friedrich-Ebert-Halle. With this exhibition, the museum opens a treasure trove from its archive, the contents of which have never been shown before: photos of the famous Harburg photographer Kurt Foige (1888-1965), who photographically documented the then new building complex with the municipal festival hall immediately after completion. The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Gymnasium. It was developed together with pupils and shows in an impressive way the combination of history and architecture of a building. Until 31st December, the exhibition can be seen in the original location in the foyer of the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle.


Time change: A new school for the city

The exhibition leads back to the Harburg of the 1920s in a time in which Harburg changed its face. Modern architecture shaped the newly emerging districts. The building complex of the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium also presents itself in this design language of the “new building”. Similar to other public buildings of the Weimar Republic, the progressive urban policy was expressed by a modern architectural design. The building was supposed to be a “cultural center for the entire citizenry”, and its variety of uses was characteristic of this objective. With this building, the young city of Harburg received its largest and most important public building, and the responsible politicians, architects and directors marked a “turn of the century” with their trend-setting architecture and the educational orientation of the school.


The Harburg photographer Kurt Foige

At the center of the exhibition are the photos of the well-known Harburg photographer Kurt Foige (1888-1965), who was commissioned by the city’s municipal authorities to document the building complex photographically immediately after its completion. The resulting pictures impressively show the modern objectivity of the new construction method and the underlying architectural concept. “We are particularly pleased that we were able to lift this treasure from the museum’s collection together with the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium and now are able to show it for the first time and even at the original location,” says Jens Brauer, head of the Department of Urban History at the Museum.


“Zeitwende” is an exhibition of the Stadtmuseum Harburg in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium. The exhibition is supported by the Gebäudemanagement Hamburg GmbH.


Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium, Alter Postweg 30-38, 21075 Hamburg

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