From 26 February to 27 April 2008 the Helms-Museum presented the special exhibition “From Barlach to Witte – Great German Art Exhibition from 1927”. The exhibition was the reconstruction of an art event in 1927 that was of outstanding importance for the region. Back then over 190 exhibits by 29 contemporary artists were collected for that exhibition and presented at various places at the Elbe-Weser region. Among them were famous artists like Ernst Barlach and Otto Modersohn, but also Harburg artists like Arthur Siebelist and Fritz Flebbe, who also acted as curator for the exhibition. With more than 100 photographs, newspaper articles and post cards the Helms-Museum informed about the then high-ranking exhibition and its historic background.

The special exhibition not only presented important works of visual art but also made a piece of history come alive. Of the 29 artists from 1927, 22 were present in 2008. The exhibition was initiated and collected by Wolf Dietmar Stock, a gallery owner from Fischerhude, who was also curator of the second exhibition.

The publication “From Barlach to Frido Witte – Great German Art Exhibition from 1927 and its Reconstruction after Eighty Years” informs about the background of both exhibitions.


Special Exhibition

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