Masterpieces with beaks: „DUCKOMENTA“ starts on 9 June at the Archaeological Museum Hamburg.


An art exhibition for the whole family – with a wink

From the 9th of June 2017 to  February 4th 2018 the Archaeological Museum Hamburg shows its new special exhibition “DUCKOMENTA”. The exhibition devotes itself to a totally unknown culture, a whole undiscovered duck universe that developed parallel to mankind. From Stone Age to the moon landing the exhibition presents the cultural and world history of duck civilisation.

More than 200 works and great personalities can be seen newly interpreted, among them “Duckfertiti”, “Dötzi” and “Che Duckevara”. The show combines history’s important names like Luther, Bach, Napoleon and Goethe in plumage, and does not stop with alienating iconic figures of the 20th century like Picasso, Lenin or Marilyn Monroe. Even archaeological finds bear witness to the mysterious civilisation of the duck people. Each of the exhibits is a surprising reencounter with world-famous art and cultural objects.


Big Event Programme: Ducking into the Exhibition

As part of the special exhibition the museum arranged a diverse event programme: Guided tours, workshops and lectures let the visitors explore the fascinating culture of the feathered beings and gain insight into world famous paintings from different arthistoric and cultural periods. Inspired by the exhibits visitors can even create their own duck art in workshops.


Background Information about the Creators of the Exhibition

Behind the amusing reinterpretation of the world’s history is the Berlin group of artists calles interDuck. Since 1986 they explore ever new facets of the duck universe. The interDuck artists are working since many years for DUCKOMENTA, showing great attention to detail and workings at the highest level. Today the duck cosmos encompasses nearly 500 exhibits. The travelling exhibition tours art galleries in all of Europe – always a little different and always tailored to the current exhibition location. The Archaeological Museum Hamburg presents from 9 June more than 200 of these art classics from all periods, well-known but totally new. For the exhibition in Hamburg new ironic and funny works are being created exclusively.


Special Exhibition

Museumsplatz 2
21073 Hamburg

Permanent Exhibition

Harburger Rathausplatz 5
21073 Hamburg

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