“2 Million Years of Migration” is the name of the special exhibition hosted by the Archaeological Museum Hamburg from April 13th to September 2nd 2018. The exhibition takes a look at our earliest human development and illustrates that mobility and migration are fundamental parts of humanity and no recent phenomenon. The museum lays a path starting with the roots of humanity in Africa, passing Asia and leading to Europe. How did the journey of mankind start, which causes, mechanisms and impacts are behind the phenomenon migration? The exhibition invites everyone to find answers to these questions.

The current immigration of humans from Africa and Western Asia to Europe is the cause for extensive debates and will accompany European society for years to come. Humans, however, were mobile beings at all times. They moved locally while searching for food, water and other resources, but also settled in other regions or even on other continents. The exhibition presents our different roots originating in Africa and Western Asia. Visitors can experience the exhibition on different information levels. With audio guides for children and adults they can travel to the most important migration events of our past. Additionally special information boxes hold games and materials fitting for each area.

In combination with the special exhibition the museum offers a diverse event programme: guided tours, workshops and presentations tell the visitors about the importance of archaeological research for today’s social challenges.


Special Exhibition

Museumsplatz 2
21073 Hamburg

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