The special exhibition at the Archaeological Museum Hamburg

Castles in Hamburg – A search for traces


November 25, 2021 until April 17, 2022 August 21, 2022


The Archaeological Museum Hamburg shows the special exhibition “Castles in Hamburg – A Search for Traces” on November 25. With this exhibition, the museum is opening an exciting chapter in the early history of the city and is focusing on the medieval fortifications in Hamburg according to the latest research. The historical records are linked with the latest excavation results at the Neue Burg and the latest research on Hamburg’s “dark centuries” is presented. Because of the great success the exhibition is extended until August 21, 2022.


There were castles in Hamburg, too, but they are no longer visible and can only be explored archaeologically. The hitherto “dark centuries” of Hamburg’s history have been subjected to a reassessment by the Archaeological Museum Hamburg in recent years. This was triggered by the sensational excavation results of recent years at the Neue Burg. In the 11th century, it was the largest castle complex in northern Germany and was built by order of the Duke of the Billunger Bernhard II starting in 1021 – exactly 1000 years ago. As the successor to Hammaburg Castle, it played a key role in securing the trading city.


In the new exhibition, spectacular reconstructions and richly detailed illustrations now bring the early Hamburg back to life and show the castles of the metropolis as they have never been seen before. The show offers both informative and entertaining encounters with the lives of the earlier inhabitants and presents for the first time numerous original finds from the archaeological excavations.


Luftbild Nikolaiviertel mit Wallburg-Rekonstruktion im heutigen Stadtbild


Reconstruction of the New Castle in today’s Hamburg cityscape
Copyright: Archaeological Museum Hamburg, Illustration: Roland Warzecha and Cooper Copter GmbH


Special Exhibition

Museumsplatz 2
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25.11.2021 bis 21.08.2022


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