Currently, many property owners receive information letters from the Archaeological Museum Hamburg in which they are informed about field monuments on their property. The museum sent 12,000 such letters to the owners of some 2,500 field monuments in Hamburg. This is related to the new historic conservation law, which entered into force on 1st May 2013. The new law provides for a so-called notification procedure in which the owners of a field monument are informed in writing about the monument and their associated rights and obligations.

A field monument may be a single visible burial mound on a meadow, a medieval fortification, a Stone Age settlement or a terp. The problem of most of the field monuments: they are predominantly not visible above ground and therefore particularly endangered, because their existence is unknown to many property owners. This is exactly where the new historic conservation law comes into effect: all owners are notified by letter and informed that there is a field monument on their property. For the owners, nothing changes, they even gain legal and planning certainty. Up to now, it has occasionally been the case that a client only learned about a field monument being on his property during an ongoing building project or during the application process by the competent authority, but now he is immune to surprises. The protection of the field monuments and thus also the obligations, which result for the property owner, existed long before the amendment of the historic conservation law, namely since 1973. Since, however, the corresponding monument lists were accessible only within the authority, there were in exceptional cases construction delays or the unintentional damaging of field monuments. The new law and the related notification for all property owners now prevents these things.


Are you looking for the exact location of your property mentioned in our letter?

In our information letter in the subject under “Ihr Grundstück (Your property)” we have sent you the “Flurstücksnummer” i.e., the parcel number of your property from the land register. You can see the exact location in Geoportal Hamburg. Enter your parcel number – without the first two digits “02” and without underscores – in the search field.



Would you like further information about field monuments and archaeology in Hamburg?

You can download our extensive information booklet on the subject of archaeology and field monument preservation (in German).


You would like to know the legal basis on which we processed your data?

Your data was obtained from the “Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung” (i.e. Land Registry Geoinformation and Surveying) on the basis of the land register entries. Here you will find our privacy policy to the information letter (in German).


You want to know in a nutshell what you, as the owner of a property with a field monument, have to pay attention to?

Here we have summarized all important information in a condensed form: Heritage Conservation and Field Monument Preservation in Hamburg (in German)


You would like to inform yourself comprehensively and have a look into the Hamburg historic conservation law?

Here you will find the complete legal text (in German): Denkmalschutzgesetz (DSchG)


You have further questions about the information letter or to the field monument on your property?

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