“First Aid” for historical treasures below ground: Preservation and care of field monuments

Emergency recoveries, excavations, recordings – the Archäologischen Museum Hamburg fulfills the preservations and care of field monuments in Hamburg and in the district of Harburg. The protection of archaeological monuments is a public task in Germany, which is precisely defined by the laws of each individual region. The monument protection laws state that monuments have to be protected, preserved and scientifically researched.

Field monuments are the legacies from people of the past. These include settlements and cemeteries. In Hamburg and the district of Harburg there are several thousand field monuments that are known. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg as a large number of the archaeological sites are hidden under fields, forests or modern buildings.

Construction works on field monuments?

Construction is not allowed on any archaeological site unless it is of significant public interest. In this case an excavation is scheduled before a construction project starts in order to document the findings adequately and recover them if possible.

The Archäologischen Museum Hamburg not only writes statements on land-use plans, development plans and building applications, but they also carry out emergency recoveries, evaluate them scientifically and stores the documentation and the discovery in the archive. The finds will be preserved and restored. In addition, the museum maintains a comprehensive collection of photographs and local records in which the well-known field monuments are listed.

Hidden treasures?

Do you have any questions about preservation and care of field monuments? Do you want to build and do not know if you need legal permission? Have you discovered an archaeological find during your last walk? – Visit our preservation and care of field monuments experts at the museum and receive further information and advice.

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