For the Long Night of Museums on Saturday, 21st April 2018, from 18.00 until 2.00, the Archaeological Museum Hamburg presents itself according to this year’s slogan “Research yourself through the night”. This will be a great opportunity for culture enthusiasts to visit the museum’s new exhibition “Two Million Years of Migration” and experience an exclusive programme on the subject of “arrival”. The Archaeological Museum Hamburg presents a diverse mixture of spectacular lectures and exciting event programmes which also include some adventures for the younger visitors.


Special exhibition

„Two Million Years of Migration“ is the name of the special exhibition presented by the Archaeological Museum Hamburg, running from 13th April until 2nd September 2018. The exhibition takes a look at our earliest human development and illustrates that mobility and migration are fundamental parts of humanity and no recent phenomenon. The museum lays a path starting with the roots of humanity in Africa, passing Asia and leading to Europe. How did the journey of mankind start, which causes, mechanisms and impacts are behind the phenomenon migration? The exhibition invites everyone to find answers to these questions.

13th April until 2nd September 2018

Museumsplatz 2


Short guided tour „Where do we come from?“

We humans have been on the way for the last two million years. Where we come from and how the voyages of our ancestors influence our present and future, these are questions we pursue on our exciting guided tour through the exhibition “Two Million Years of Migration”. The visitors travel through the past and discover their genetic heritage. New studies present unforeseen and surprising insights.

18.45 – 19.15

19.45 – 20.15

20.45 – 21.15

21.45 – 22.15

22.45 – 23.15

23.45 – 00.15

Museumsplatz 2


Short guided tour „Searching for traces

Humans left their traces in the past in the form of various economic systems, burial rites, fashion trends or confessions of faith. Thanks to the investigation of archaeological artefacts we can trace the developments triggered by migration movement. The tour through a part of the exhibition shows the traces migration developments left in North Germany.

19.30 – 20.00

20.30 – 21.00

21.30 – 22.00

22.30 – 23.00

23.30 – 00.00

00.30 – 01.00

Harburger Rathausplatz 5


Event programme: „Striking sparks“

Making fire is not so easy! It is, however, of invaluable use for mankind. It warms, protects and is useful for securing one’s survival. Mastery of fire enabled mankind to settle even in Earth’s colder regions. Our hands-on station is all about the fiery element. Here one can strike sparks and kindle fire.

18.00 – 01.00

Harburger Rathausplatz 5


Event programme: „Bunte Perlen“

It has always been a need for humans to adorn themselves. Jewelry is an expression of one’s self-concept and can also symbolize the commitment to a group. In graves jewelry often serves as burial objects belonging to the deceased. Saxonian women in the Middle Ages especially liked brooches, rings and glass beads. Using original models everyone forms colourful beads from Fimo.

18.00 – 01.00

Harburger Rathausplatz 5


Event programme: „And where are you from?“

Migration and mobility have been a fundamental part of being human since its beginning. Because of that, we all have a migration background. Share your experiences and become part of our migration archive! With Dr. Claudia Merthen and Dr. Marcus Beck.

18.00 – 01.00 Uhr

Harburger Rathausplatz 5


Culinary: „All from one pot“

A stock pot with colourful ingredients simmers on a fire in front of the museum.

18.00 – 00.00

Harburger Rathausplatz 5


Culinary: „Orient meets occident

The Helms Lounge serves tasty dishes from the Eastern and Western World.

18.00 – 00.00

Museumsplatz 2 / Helms Lounge


17 Euro, reduced 12 Euro



Special Exhibition

Museumsplatz 2
21073 Hamburg

Permanent Exhibition

Harburger Rathausplatz 5
21073 Hamburg


17 Euro, reduced 12 Euro



18:00 - 02:00 Uhr